About Us

We are dedicated to helping smallholder farmers and farms optimize their yield per hectare using sustainable practices


To create wealth for smallholder farmers as we deliver clients needs with keen interest to their satisfaction.


To build an ecosystem of farmers who will use technology as a tool to transform agriculture in Africa.


Commitment to learning and growth,  Perseverance in achieving result,  Integrity in all things and at all times, and Dedication to our goal. 

" We strive to enhance the livelihoods of smallholder farmers; particularly youth and women, throughout the country. "

Alana Green Limited, is a farm service company providing products and services in mechanization, precision and agricultural processing equipment, affordable quality fertilizers, agritech farming innovations and access-to-premium market. We are focused on helping farmers in using technology to grow their business sustainably.

With a solid commitment to effect positive change in Nigeria through sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices across the entire value chain, We generate valuable data from farms and farmers, using valuable insights to improve decision making with a firm commitment to effecting positive change in Nigeria through sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices across our focus value chain.

Our method is called Total Farming Solutions (TFS) and it has rapidly been adopted in the Northern and South-South regions of Nigeria by over 3,000 farmers which accounts for 4,500 hectares of farmland in the past 2 years. The TFS solution builds the farmer’s knowledge and capacity in reducing their carbon emissions and yield per hectare, improve soil health, optimize their production capacity and significantly increase yield.

In pursuing our company’s objectives, Alana Green Limited strives to enhance the livelihoods of smallholder farmers; particularly youth and women, throughout the country. By empowering them, we enable them to support their households, contribute reliable data for impactful initiatives, combat food insecurity, and support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 1,2,5,8,11 and 13.

We are uniquely positioned to drive significant changes in the agricultural sector by aggregating produce from smallholder farmers, creating value through innovative practices, and facilitating their transition from subsistence farming to sustainable growth. Also, strong emphasis is placed on data collection and analysis to drive positive transformation and work tirelessly towards achieving zero hunger in Nigeria.

Alana Green's Objectives


To build a thriving community of farmers who actively adopt climate-smart practices and engage in sustainable agriculture. Through our initiatives, we seek to gather comprehensive data that showcases the tangible impact of our efforts. By implementing these practices, we aim to ensure that smallholder farmers are not only economically rewarded but also empowered to achieve long-term success.


The Data generated serves as a crucial tool in guiding our investments expansion and facilitating diversification across the agricultural value chain. This approach enables us make informed decisions and identify opportunities for rapid growth. By leveraging the insights obtained, we strategically allocate resources, optimize processes, and continuously improve our impact on both farmers and the industry.


Ultimately, the entirety of our objectives are channelled towards an end goal of establishing a prominent and strategically positioned farm brand that is globally recognized within the agricultural sector. We aspire to nurture and cultivate a vast network of millions of farmers across the globe, and eventually spearhead the transformation of Africa into a pivotal region that feeds the world.

Recent Upcoming Projects

Cultivation of 100 hectares of integrated farms in Sheda, Abuja to grow our primary crops
Out-grower scheme to accomodate 1,000 farmers each to grow soybeans, maize and rice
Linking markets in the United Kingdom, Europe & Middle East for products export to global audience

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