The Team

We have a team of reliable professionals in different fields who are all passionate about the same thing.

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Bountiful Atako, Founder and Managing Director of Alana Green Limited, is passionately driven with the goal of contributing immensely to agricultural development in Nigeria by consistently introducing agritech advancements to farmers for adoption as it plays a major role in directly transforming our food system.  As an agripreneur with vast knowledge and connections in the fertilizer and crop protection market, he is keen on passing useful resources to farmers thereby enabling them to improve their yield capacities.

Mr. Bountiful started as an executive trainee with the Fertilizers Producers & Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN) where he rapidly developed expertise and built a solid business network. He was  a key participant in The World Bank Rural Electrification Project for farmers. A high-octave solution provider who embraces challenges as a medium for growth and sees opportunities in problem solving while learning from highly experienced Industry professionals and mentors. He strongly believes that Africa holds the potential to feed the world in the near future and Nigeria is well positioned to lead in this project.

During his time as Managing Director at Alana Green Limited, he envisions to place the company strategically at the fore of the continent’s agricultural sector as the leading Total Farming Solutions company through strategic partnerships, technology and adaptation to change.

Bountiful Atako

Craig Brod

Advisor Innovation

Craig Brod, PhD. is a psychologist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in building successful businesses in farming, retail and branded products.

Career highlights include:
Former advisor for innovation for Heifer International, Heifer Labs, spearheading the application of blockchain to land registry and ownership. Dr. Brod laid the groundwork for behavioral economics, farm risk and scoring system to lower smallholder farmer loan rates and insurance costs in groundnuts.

Dr. Brod has managed all aspects of a 31,000 acre family ranch, comprised of 1,200 head of polled Herefords, 300 acres of wheat, rye, barley, and alfalfa, and 6,500 acres of second stand timber. Seventy percent of crops were dry-farmed under semi-arid conditions, Central Oregon. Dr. Brod has built fences, branded cows, irrigated, seeded and fertilized fields as well as operated swathers, bailers, and caterpillar tractor.

Founder Imaginarium Toys, a venture capital funded national chain of toy stores purchased by Toy R Us, peak brand sales approximately $650 million USD. Imaginarium was a market leader in child-centered design, winning three national merchandising awards and generating 2X the sales per square foot of any retail store, USA.

CEO of a public company dedicated to athletic apparel, traded OTC and TSX Venture Exchange. Dr. Brod was tasked with turn around and equity raise of $4 million dollars, completed successfully.

Author of three books in the field of psychology focused on human-computer interface, and cultural issues: Technostress, the human cost of the computer revolution, Addison Wesley; Minds Scapes, and Innovating The Japanese School System. Technostress was translated into five languages and won numerous awards. Dr. Brod pioneered exploration of the challenging impacts of computer technology on the human psyche, children and culture.

Marvellous Onojeta

Finance Manager

Miss Marvellous Onojeta is a vibrant and result-oriented driven Accountant with a well-grounded educational experience and knowledge of the accounting profession. She is extremely detail-oriented and has a strong interest in working in the accounting field. Her objective is to fully master the skill and knowledge she acquires over time and optimize her contribution positively. She is currently pursuing an ICAN license and has contributed to several important projects involving best practices for Accounts Receivables, Balance Sheet, Reconciliation and Financial Reporting which has given her a well-rounded understanding of practical accounting and has helped hone her skill and knowledge base.

Miss Marvellous is experienced using various accounting softwares and her skills include excellent time management, working independently, as well as part of a team, multitasking, and critical thinking. She works with an aim to always optimize the financial strategies of the organization.

As an account Executive driving revenue growth through targeted financial decisions, strategic negotiations, and data-driven insights. she hopes to build a track record in acquiring new clients while generating new sales revenue, and increasing profit margins by leveraging exceptional skills in account management, and identifying opportunities for growth, with a strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding targets.

Aminu Babangida

Operations Manager

Mr Aminu Muhammed Babangida currently serves as the operational manager of Alana Green Nigeria Limited. He has adequate training and experience specifically in running field operations in the agricultural sector. He also a trains small holder farmers on how to link up with business partners within and outside Nigeria.

Some of the operations led by Mr Babangida include managing a team of Nigerian-based farmers in order to address some of the biggest challenges in the Nigerian agricultural value chain while using data technology to build more sustainable agricultural ecosystem; thereby, serving the needs of two distinct audiences, farmers and commodity buyers. He has a goal to develop sustainable cultivation protocols that will help smallholder farmers farm more efficiently in order to produce superior commodities that will hit market demand.

Nnamdi Igbokwe

Head, IT & Media Comms.

Nnamdi Igbokwe is a Computer Scientist who is passionate about creating solutions using technology. He holds a Masters degree and a Bachelor of Science degree both in Computer Science. Regarded as an enthusiastic team player by his colleagues, he is always eager to take on new challenges. His strong communication skills gives him the capability to deliver optimal results under pressure.

Nnamdi has practical knowledge and experience of complex system builds, hardware and software testing, network and technical support. With a focus on solving business problems using solution based models and applied creative thinking, he oversees the technological integration of Alana Green Limited in various aspects and departments. He is continuously involved in brainstorming and developing new digital and media strategies for the growth of the organization. He also evaluates emerging technologies while providing thought leadership and perspective for adoption.

O'Brien Obed

E.S.G Manager

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Environmental Chemistry, Mr. O'Brien Obed is an ardent advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals with a passion for Environmental Sustainability. This has driven him to focus on capacity building, growth and positive impact for the Nigerian smallholder farmers.

He is highly skilled in facilitating stakeholders' engagement, business partnerships, inclusion and eco-friendly trainings. Also, he is experienced in developing well-detailed sustainability plans as well as implementing action points from these plans in different scenarios. Mr. O'Brien aims to be one of the leading sustainability advocate in Africa with a core focus on training farmers to prioritize climate smart practices.

" At Alana Green Limited, We are constantly on the lookout to add vibrant, skillful and passionate individuals to our team... "

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