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Agribusiness Consultancy

We offer investments advice on the value chain and implement market entry strategies  for clients who want to venture into farming, aggregation, value addition, processing and others. This may include clients who do not have the time for the rigors of farming, our team of agronomists would set up, manage and also take to market.

Market Linkage

We provide premium market linkage to farms who have produced in large quantities and are looking to sell at profitable prices both locally and globally through our vast business partnerships with processors, manufacturers and millers  to farms 

Farm Machinery

We service farms with modern machines such as tractors, threshers, tillers, harvesters, seed planters, e.t.c.; as part of our intervention approach to provide agritech advancements. We also train on the usage of these machines and provide after sales support.


We source produce for our international partners through exports. Farms who have products they want to export can consult with us to find markets. We also grow for export and broker deals with importers across the globe.

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